I better be NOT that much into it !

Picture this -> 2 guys, spending the evening sitting in a dimly lit room, completely surrounded by 100’s of vivacious girls !!!  Wooooooooo ….sounds like the ultimate male fantasy??? Well, not quite !!! For Anil and I, it was a torture beyond comprehension…. ‘cos right in front of us, was a large cinema screen playing of all things, a typical girlie-movie …insanely titled ‘He’s just not that much into you’ ! [Trust me, the name wasn’t really the worst thing about the movie 😉 ]

3 of our friends had dragged us into this mess, and while they sat beside us chuckling and giggling at all the supposed-jokes that the movie seemed to be so full of, we were left scratching our heads trying to figure out what-on-earth was so damn funny about them ! 🙂 I really can’t imagine what would have been going through the heads of the producers when they decided to make this chunk of nonsense! Agreed, that they had managed to pull in an impressive star-cast […including the sultry Scarlet Johanssen]…but to drag the movie for 6 long hours ??? That’s simply unpardonable ! [Ok, maybe it didn’t quite last 6 hours …but it definitely did seem that long ] …..Frankly, had they suspended us heads-down and dipped us into a tank of boiling water, whilst simultaneously passing bolts of electric current through our backs, there’s a chance that the ordeal may have been a shade more pleasurable !

 Perhaps, what left me so irked was the fact that earlier in the day, while travelling down from Leeds, I had put the 3 odd hours that I had in the train to good use by watching yet another girlie movie called ’27 dresses’! 2 girlie movies in one day was definitely more than what my permissible tolerance levels could take ! And the fact that we were seated in the 2nd row of the ‘Gandhi class’ at the theater didn’t help either 🙂 ! 

I hate to admit this….but off-late, thanks to all the wonderful friends that I have [who either drag me to the movies, or at times, merely force me to watch them myself… just ‘cos they have watched it 😦 ]; I’ve been subjected to quite a heavy dosage of girlie movies – right from the outright mushy romances, to the sentimentally outrageous !!! Thinking about it, I guess I’m starting to become an authority on the subject ! I’ve actually been offering expert advice on girlie movies to some of my friends here, and believe me, they’ve been quite pleased with the suggestions 🙂

But fear not …I can proudly declare that my all time fave movies still remain ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Shawshank Redemption’….and the occassional girlie movie for the sake of my dear friends should do no harm ! Atleast, that’s what I thought ….until recently, when some of my closest mates started pointing out drastic changes that seem to have swept across my life :O ! They allege that I’ve started to think differently…. and that my entire outlook has changed ! As a matter of fact, a little bit of self-introspection does kinda reveal the gravity of the situation !  I have indeed changed in the recent past !!!….but what role has all the movies from ‘Before Sunrise’ to ‘Music and lyrics’ played in this, I am not entirely sure :O

Looking back, some of my deeds in the past couple of weeks have even taken ME by surprise ! For instance, all my life, I’d taken pride in the way I maintain […or rather NOT maintain] my cupboards. Basically, I’m one of those persons who never believed in putting so much effort into building something that had to be broken up at some stage anyways …..Which in essence means, that I normally just throw all my clothes right into any bit of space available in my jam-packed wardrobe ! Over the years, every single attempt my mom had ever made to instill some discipline into me had disastrously ended in vain… And believe it or not, last weekend, I actually spent nearly half a day cleaning up my wardrobe ! It was hard labour, no doubt….Nevertheless, the end-result was fantastic….I actually got all my shirts neatly folded and arranged in one stack …..and the trousers in another !!! Oh, and did I mention that the formals were stacked separately from the casuals ? :O As a matter of fact, some of those shirts and trousers actually got in contact with an iron box, perhaps for the first time ever ! 🙂

Well, anyways, I guess these are all fairly innocuous habits to have developed….But the greater concern to me is that off-late,  I seem to have turned into an inveterate shopaholic ! Again, thanks to the influence of the ‘society’ around me, I just can’t resist picking up goodies when I see them on display at the malls ! In the last 2-3 months alone, I’ve probably spent more on shopping than what I’ve done, in the whole of last year ! Obviously, this is not one of the best traits one could develop during the mother-of-all credit crunches !!!

The list just doesn’t end there ! 2 days before leaving to India on vacation, I was faced with an eerie feeling that I had never experienced in my life before – I was already done with my packing….all 45 kgs of it ! :O In my 26 years of humble existence, I’ve made innumerable trips, across 100s of cities in over 20 countries….and never once had I started my packing more than a night in advance !

Which brings us back to the million-pound question – what the hell is happenning to me ? It’s never been this bad before, and its definitely not the right kind of direction I wanna be heading in ! But I guess it’s not too late yet….Perhaps,all I need to do is to grab a few beers, download some gripping action thrillers, sit down and chill-out !  But will that get my life back on track ??? Maybe ……‘Definitely, maybe’ !!! 🙂


4 Responses to I better be NOT that much into it !

  1. Anil says:

    Mate … Guess it’s high time you tie the KNOT!! 🙂

  2. I agree with Anil..otherwise you may turn into a gay and wonder how it all happened 😛

  3. Akansha says:

    Let me assure you that there is some problem 😉 as the vice versa does not hold not true…

    BTW the impact looks quite significant..u can consider anil’s suggestion 😛

  4. Ravi Shanker says:

    Ermm…I guess you already know what i’m gonna say!Check your DM on twitter!

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