Where am i ???

Its been around 8 months since I last blogged ! After the account of that trip to StoneHenge and Bath, back in February, there’s been nothing !

So where the hell have I been and what have I been upto ? ? ?

I’ve been asked this question way too many times ……but never quite had the chance to answer ……….until perhaps now ……….Its always better late than never !!!

Well, its a big story actually ……….Since February, I’ve been terribly tied-up and extremely screwed-up at work with the MVNO project back at Bristol ….then there were these tours to Switzerland and Paris …..followed by more screw-ups at work …then the Sky-diving adventure at Cambridge ….and the trip to Spain…and yet again, more screw-ups and then the much awaited flight back to Bangalore in May …..to be welcomed by much more screwed-up projects at offshore ….followed by some hard-core Java programming [ ….of course, not to forget the screw-ups ] , followed by some training in WebMethods ……and then, yet another flight back to England …….

And so here I am – sitting at an internet cafe at a pretty screwed-up English town called Middlesbrough – whose recent claim to fame has been the fact that it thrashed all competition and got crowned the ‘Worst Place to Live in the UK’ by official BBC rankings !!! The reasons quoted by BBC were high crime rates, low job oppurtunities and poor quality of education ! Well, not that I’ve been impacted by any of these crucial factors …but what bothers me the most is that all shops around here close down at 5:30 pm, and that we have almost no internet access here at all ! Neither in the office nor back at our inn!

Quite cut-off from civilization, literally !

Nevertheless, there has been some great plus points as well …..for, I’ve been able to do the one thing I missed out during my previous innings here at UK – which was to make a trip to Scotland ! Just last weekend, my friend Krishna and I hired a Peugeot 207 and drove up to Edinburgh, Scotland !

Looking back, inarguably ……… the last 12 months would definitely have to be one of the most eventful eras in my life ……for I’ve had the fortune of visiting places that I had never dreamt of visiting and been able to do things I had never imagined myself being able to !

To cut a long story short, here’s a concise check-list of some of the stuff I’ve been upto since September 2006 : :))))

– Trek into the centre of the Great Pyramid in Egypt ? – check
– visit 4500-year old mummies of Pharoah Ramses-II and family ? – check
– Take a boat ride across the river Nile in Cairo ? – check
– Pray at the largest Hindu temple in England at Birmingham ? – check
– Visit the Manchester United Stadium at Old Trafford, Manchester ? – check
– Visit the Universities at Oxford and Cambridge ? – check
– Take a boat ride across the river Thames in London ? – check
– View the Kohinoor diamond at the Tower of London ? – check
– Photograph along with Aishwarya Rai at the Madame Tussauds wax museum at London ? – check
– Visit the Sherlock Holmes museum at 221B, Baker Street ? – check
– Stand on the Zero Meridian line at Greenwich ? – check
– Visit the capital of Wales – Cardiff ? – check
– Visit the 5000 year old StoneHenge ? – check
– Witness the midnight fireworks at the London eye on New Year’s eve ? – check
– Play with snow on top of the Swiss Alps ? – check
– visit the UN offices in Geneva ? – check
– Shop for traditional Swiss cow-bells at Zurich ? – check
– Jump off a plane from 13,500 feet up in the sky at Cambridge ? – check
– Land using a parachute ? – check
– …..in one piece ??? – check check

– Visit the Templar church in London (depicted in the Da Vinci code) ? – check
– Take a boat ride across the Seine in Paris ? – check
– climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower ? – check
– View the ‘Mona Lisa’ at the Louvre in Paris ? – check
– Witness the exotic ‘Moulin Rouge’ musical in Paris – check
– Walk around the endless corridors of the Palace of Versailles ? – check
– Visit the St.Sulpice church in Paris (depicted in the Da Vinci code) ? – check
– Witness bull-fighting at Madrid ? – check
– Ride across the length and breadth of Barcelona on a bicycle ? – check

– Get nearly frozen to death by sleeping over-night on the platform at London’s Paddington railway station !!! – check
– Repeat the same feat the very next week on the same platform at Paddington – check
– Climb on top of the Edinburgh Castle at Scotland ? – check
Yeah, its been quite a long year …..and unfortunately much of the adventures are yet to be blogged ! With every passing day, it seems to be getting more and more of a gargantuan task ….nevertheless, a man has got to do what he’s got to do ! So with ample time and some Smirnoff in hand, might as well do it now !


2 Responses to Where am i ???

  1. ravis says:

    Dude..you forgot this one
    “Getting drunk and singing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin!–>check,check,check”

  2. Akhil says:


    Thanks for reminding that ….but I guess the song was ‘Like a prayer’ 🙂

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